"Brave, open, powerful."


Fruiting Bodies are an eclectic trio of women vocalists based in Montreal. They began writing, arranging and performing together in 2009, and since then have toured the East and West coasts of Canada and the U.S. Their performances are captivating, intimate and soulful.

Their name is a reference to the fertility of our bodies as well as of our minds. It is a technical term used to describe above-ground fungal growth- mushrooms! But below the surface there lies a vast network of mycelium from which it is grown. In a metaphorical sense it refers to the unconscious thought and feeling lying beneath the surface that emerges from those depths in the form of our words, our creative ideas, that which springs forth from us, our fruiting bodies.

In 2013, Fruiting Bodies recorded their first full-length album, Fascia, the culmination of four years of writing and arranging together. They are looking forward to touring Iceland summer of 2018 in preparation for a full European tour in 2019.

“This eclectic vocal trio based out of Montreal is fresh and energetic. Their material is original and it’s evident that each harmony is crafted with love, with flowing melodies that will make you swoon and send shivers down your spine. Their music will bring you on a journey from the heights of joy to the depths of sorrow. Their intimate performances are multi-faceted, often involving spoken word, costume and dance. Fruiting Bodies has a presence that is warm, raw and heartfelt.” – Christina Ainsworth

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  1. I am loving the workshop lead by Mehgan through Centre de Loosirs Multiethnique St-Louis at Galleries du Parc.
    Improvisation and vocal technique married. Soul & body expanding.

    February 4, 2014 at 10:50 pm

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